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2020 Marshdale Virtual Marathon

Walk, jog, run or hike a virtual marathon.  Keep track of your miles using this board.

Mad Science Activities

Dyson STEM Challenge Cards

STEAM Activities At Home

Math Card Games

Ballpark Mysteries author, David A. Kelly wrote a book about the Colorado Rockies this year.

Click the image to hear him read aloud from the book and explore his other books.

Take some time for Mrs. Foster’s Music lessons now that you don’t have class work to keep up with.

Make an Instrument

Animal Sounds Podcast

Chrome Music Lab

SoundTrap (Grades 3 - 5)

Get caught up on some of the Library activities that were shared during remote learning.

Don’t forget about Jefferson County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program Register HERE

SEL Activities



Rainbow Breathing

Growth Mindset

Gratitude Jar


Read Alouds by 

Marshdale Staff

Code a Virtual Dash Robot

Explore coding on these sites:


Family Escape Rooms:

Pet Shop Selection

Nick’s Chemically Reactive Cookout

Fossil Forensics

Connie’s Confectionery

Virtual Museum Tours

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips

Our AWESOME 4th Grade Colorado Wax Museum

Mystery of Missing Bees

Explore this scientific phenomena and work together as a family to develop solutions.