Principal's Page

Hi Parents, 

Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to Melissa Baynes and Katie Barnes for coordinating our Wall of Heroes and thank you to all our families with ties to the Armed Services.  

We've been trying to make the Hug and Go zone more efficient - especially in the morning. We are looking to have some 5th grade greeters help open car doors and get students out and on their way. I know some of our little ones need to get unbuckled, but if you can stay in your car, please do to help increase the flow of traffic. We'd also like to remind you to pull up as far as you can before stopping and if you'd like to park to walk your child up, please do so in the lower parking lot. Thanks for the patience. 

Students have been re-introduced to behavior expectations in the cafeteria and playground. We are using an acronym: RISE to help students with consistency. Respect, Include, Safety and Empathy will be our framework. We are going to have students submit entries for school wide posters - Artwork and Content will be the two categories. We will send directions in next week's Friday folder. Please ask them about it. 

Zak Martin


Marshdale Elementary 

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