smu mustangs - Clip Art Library The Marshdale bell rings at 8:55AM and school ends at 3:35PM. 

smu mustangs - Clip Art Library The front office is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm if you prefer to speak with a                      staff member.

How to Report Your Child Absent or Tardy:

1. Please choose one of the following ways to report your child's absence:

     Check Mark Symbol PNG Transparent Background, Free Download #5393 -  FreeIconsPNG Call the Attendance Line at 303-982-5150 and leave a message
     Check Mark Symbol PNG Transparent Background, Free Download #5393 -  FreeIconsPNG Send an email using the "Attendance" Quick Link or email our Enrollment               Secretary, Wendy Thurman, at [email protected] (please
          do not depend on an email to the teacher, as they often do not have a                    chance to check email until later in the day)
     Check Mark Symbol PNG Transparent Background, Free Download #5393 -  FreeIconsPNG Some teachers like to know when your student is absent - you may                         email the teacher and Cc: Wendy Thurman
  Check Mark Symbol PNG Transparent Background, Free Download #5393 -  FreeIconsPNG Call the front office at 303-982-5188

2. Tardy: Y
ou must walk your student into the building and sign them in at the office, as well as fill out a late slip to be given to the teacher. Please do not drop your student off unattended.

Picking Up Student During School Hours:

1. Please contact the office when you are 5-10 minutes away from pick up so we can have your student ready and waiting when you arrive. 

2. You do not need to alert the office ahead of time, however, your child's teacher may ask that you notify them via email. Please check with the teacher on their policy.

Our staff would very much appreciate it if you could plan to pick up your child before 3:15pm - this will help to avoid interrupting end of the day classroom instruction, as well as dismissal procedures already in place. Thank you for your cooperation.

Last Minute Change of Plans During the Day:

1. Please always make sure your child knows if they are riding the bus, going to Hug & Go, riding home with a friend, etc.

2. If there is a last minute change, please call the main office before 3pm.

3. At the end of the day, we will send a “pink slip” to the student's classroom instructing them of the change.

Marshdale adheres to the Colorado Board of Education and Jefferson County School District attendance policies.

This includes:

* All tardies and absences will be marked on the student's record. For a tardy or absence to be considered "excused," it must fall under one of the categories explained in the Code of Conduct.

* A parent or named representative must sign a child in or out in the office whenever a student arrives after the tardy bell or leaves before the dismissal bell.

* If a child will be absent for 5 school days in a row, please see the office for an "Extended Absence" form.

* If your child is not in attendance at school and no call, email, or message received, the Enrollment Secretary will begin at 9:30am contacting a parent and/or emergency contact using phone numbers in the Jeffco database. This practice is to verify the child's safety. We understand appointments need to be kept, etc., but we also need to make sure no child is left alone at a bus stop or otherwise in need of help. To avoid getting calls, please contact the office if your child will be absent or late.